School Acid & Alkali Storage Cabinet Bundle

£999.00 Each

£1,198.80 (incl. VAT)



Schools, colleges and universities need to be more vigilant than ever in storing chemicals and acids with increasing numbers of thefts from educational premises. Stolen substances are being increasingly used in the illegal manufacture of explosives and narcotics as well as acid attacks.

Secure storage of acid and alkali substances in minimal quantities is the best method for minimising risk and keeping staff, pupils, visitors and the general public as safe as possible in educational environments.

This exclusive on-line bundle deal enables schools to store bulk volumes of materials away from communal areas, transport goods safely and keep minimum quantities in the classroom stored safely for lessons.

The bundle includes the following products (Click on code for individual product details):

1 x Large Acid & Alkali Storage Cabinet: 88894050808

1 x General Purpose 3 tier trolley: 22149250404

2 x Small Acid & Alkali Storage Cabinets: 88644050808

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