Laboratory and pharmaceutical environments rely on safe, hygienic and durable equipment to ensure the smooth and efficient progress of operations. But that does not mean that aesthetically the design has to be industrial and functional. At James Bedford we have the capability to design and install innovative and sleek pharmaceutical equipment such as work benches, cabinets and trolleys that deliver reliability and practicality but enhance the workspace.

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Stainless steel provides a solution for those workspaces that demand the highest standards of hygiene and cleanliness. At James Bedford we can manufacture a range of stainless equipment for use in such environments including cabinets, workbenches, desk units, step-overs and lockers. We can supply items in both medium and heavy duty depending on the needs of the environment and with a variety shelf, drawer and accessory options.

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Laboratory and pharmaceutical sites often require runs of mobile cabinets with combinations of different drawers and shelving giving flexibility and security. Premier Trolleys are mounted on casters to enable them to be moved around laboratories and sites as required whilst storing equipment safely.
  • Safe, Secure Storage: Premier Trolleys are lockable units with combinations of drawers and cabinets which all operate independently from their own handle / lock. This allows access to the different compartments to only those people with the necessary authorisation.
  • Flexibility: available in double cabinets, 1-4 drawer and combination formats and in a range of colours these trolleys can seamlessly integrate into workspaces matching the overall aesthetics whilst providing safe, secure storage.
  • Durability: with a strong 40kg UDL drawer capacity and welded from 0.9mm steel these trolleys are designed to operate in busy environments and offer lifelong value for users.

£ 735.00 Each

£882.00 (incl. VAT)

Available for Dispatch 15 working days from order

£ 833.16 Each

£999.79 (incl. VAT)

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£ 658.75 Each

£790.50 (incl. VAT)

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£ 562.40 Each

£674.88 (incl. VAT)


Flexible, strong and adaptable workbenches are ideal for laboratories requiring the foundations for intricate and detailed work. With a range of options and accessories our workbench’s provide practical space to work combined with the ability to store all the necessary kit and equipment close by ready for when you need it. Whilst our workbenches were initially designed for industrial workspaces many laboratories have now ordered these items as they are well-known for the reliability and durability delivering life-long value. Our workbenches deliver
    • Flexibility: a wide range of sizes in our standard range or we can manufacture to your exact specification if required, including your specific colours and worktop types
    • Adaptability: a range of accessories to suit your needs including cabinet and drawer units, castors, back panels & shelves, light bars and electrical sockets
    • Durability: all our workbenches are manufactured from high quality medium or heavy-duty steel depending on your need
    • Personalisation: choice of any colour from our standard range to match your workspace and a range of worktops including hardwood veneer, MDF, industrial lino and ESD laminate


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    Laboratories and pharma sites consistently use a range of harmful and potentially dangerous chemicals in their daily environment to complete tasks and also to keep the environment clean and hygienic. There is a need to ensure that these chemicals are locked away safely from staff and visitors when not being used to minimise risk and avoid accidents. Our best-selling range of hazardous storage cabinets for laboratories providers deliver:
      • Safe, Secure Storage: our hazardous storage cabinets clearly distinguish between the different contents stored within and safely separate dangerous materials (when stored appropriately). With 3 way locking handles for secure storage and a fully removable sump tray to catch spills our cabinets ensure that only those with authorised access can get to the contents
      • Flexibility: available in a range of sizes, including mobile versions, our range of cabinets are suitable for large janitorial storage rooms, or smaller laboratory workspaces depending on the space available or we can manufacture a cabinet to your specific requirements.
      • Durability: we know that you need equipment to last, so our cabinets are of welded & riveted 0.9mm steel with reinforced rebated doors meaning that they stand up to the toughest challenges and give lifelong value

    Available for Dispatch 10 working days from order

    £ 243.98 Each

    £292.78 (incl. VAT)

    Available for Dispatch 10 working days from order

    £ 243.00 Each

    £291.60 (incl. VAT)

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    £ 244.85 Each

    £293.82 (incl. VAT)

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    £ 256.82 Each

    £308.18 (incl. VAT)