The toughest industrial environments demand the toughest workspace equipment to ensure the safety and reliability of workers and the highest quality production of goods. James Bedford have been supplying steel workbenches, storage cabinets and trolleys to factories, car plants, production lines and engineering sites for over 40 years.



The secure storage of tools, equipment and dangerous materials in an industrial environment is vital to prevent accidents and minimise stock loss. We provide a range of hazardous, mobile and heavy-duty cabinets available to order on-line to meet a wide variety of storage needs. Our standard range of cabinets:
  • Minimise Risk: our hazardous storage cabinets clearly distinguish between the different contents stored within and safely separate dangerous materials (when stored appropriately) – click here for the Hazardous Storage Range
  • Protect Equipment: heavy duty and roller shutter cabinets can provide an additional deterrent to thieves protecting your valuable equipment from theft and damager – click here for our range of heavy-duty cabinets
  • Provide Flexibility: available in a range of sizes, including mobile versions and vaults our cabinets can fit a wide variety of workspaces, but we can manufacture to your bespoke requirements if needed
  • Last: welded & riveted from 0.9mm (medium duty) or 1.2mm (heavy duty) steel with reinforced rebated doors and secure locking handles our cabinets stand up to the toughest environments

Available for dispatch 10 working days from order

£ 353.11 Each

£423.73 (incl. VAT)

Available for Dispatch 15 working days from order

£ 664.92 Each

£797.90 (incl. VAT)

£ 355.81 Each

£426.97 (incl. VAT)

Available for Dispatch 15 working days from order

£ 614.15 Each

£736.98 (incl. VAT)

See the full range of storage cabinets here


The safe and secure movement of goods around your site can be essential to maintain efficiency across your production line. Our range of high quality and flexible trolleys provide a safe and secure option in a variety of formats.
We have two main ranges of trolleys that are perfect for manufacturing sites:
    • Premier Trolleys: with six different drawer and cabinet options and MDF or Plywood tops these trolleys provide mobile workspace and storage solutions. Units are mounted on 4 x 100mm castors, with fully lockable storage and come in a range of colours. Click here to view the full range of Premier Trolleys
    • General Purpose Trolleys: with tubular end framework and available with a range of drawer and cabinet units these light-weight trolleys are perfect for moving goods around a factory site safely.  These trolleys are supplied with swivel castors as standard but can be ordered with braked castors as am optional extra.

Available for Dispatch 15 working days from order

£ 264.77 Each

£317.72 (incl. VAT)

Available for Dispatch 15 working days from order

£ 549.58 Each

£659.50 (incl. VAT)

Available for Dispatch 15 working days from order

£ 692.43 Each

£830.92 (incl. VAT)

Available for Dispatch 15 working days from order

£ 236.73 Each

£284.08 (incl. VAT)



Flexible, strong and adaptable workbenches are vital to the efficient running of any factory or production line. Our range of workbenches deliver:
    • Flexibility: a wide range of sizes in our standard range or we can manufacture to your exact specification if required
    • Adaptability: a range of accessories to suit your needs including cabinet and drawer units, castors, back panels & shelves, light bars and electrical sockets
    • Durability: all our workbenches are manufactured from high quality medium or heavy-duty steel depending on your need
    • Personalisation: choice of any colour from our standard range to match your workspace and a range of worktops including hardwood veneer, MDF, industrial lino and ESD laminate
    • Reliability: manufactured in Yorkshire by experienced craftsmen to deliver lifelong value