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Schools and colleges are places of inspiration and discovery, where pupils can explore and experiment to learn about the word around them. They equally need to be places where children and young adults are safe, secure and protected from harm. For decades, James Bedford have been supplying schools, colleges and educational institutions for decades, with a range of storage cabinets, trolleys and workbenches, that protect staff and pupils from harm and deliver lifelong value.

All James Bedford products are coated in PremierShield, an innovative anti-bacterial powder coating system which kills 99% of harmful bacteria. This means that any germs from coughs, colds or sickness are called on contact with any of our surfaces reducing the risk of further contagion.


As the science curriculum includes several essential liquids and chemicals, staff have a responsibility to ensure that materials stored safely and out of reach. Equally as the number of acid attacks rises, even among young adults, it is more important than ever to ensure that only responsible adults have access to such materials. Our best-selling range of hazardous storage cabinets for schools deliver:
  • Safe, Secure Storage: our hazardous storage cabinets clearly distinguish between the different contents stored within and safely separate dangerous materials (when stored appropriately). With 3 way locking handles for secure storage and a fully removable sump tray to catch spills our cabinets ensure that only those with authorised access can get to the contents
  • Flexibility: available in a range of sizes, including mobile versions and vaults, our smaller cabinets fit a wide range of school laboratories and classrooms, with the larger cabinets creating secure storage for the designated large volumes stowage area.
  • Durability: we appreciate school equipment can take a pounding, so our cabinets are of welded & riveted 0.9mm steel with reinforced rebated doors meaning that they stand up to the toughest challenges and give lifelong value

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£ 614.00 Each

£736.80 (incl. VAT)

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£ 419.54 Each

£503.45 (incl. VAT)

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£ 312.31 Each

£374.77 (incl. VAT)

Available for Dispatch 15 working days from order

£ 218.56 Each

£262.27 (incl. VAT)

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Slips, trips, illness and accidents are common place in schools and a well-stocked first-aid cabinet is a vital ingredient to getting pupils treated and back to lessons as quickly as possible. However, the safe storage of medicines and tablets is equally important to keep children safe from harm. Made to the same high quality standards as hazardous storage cabinets, and available in the same range of sizes, James Bedford First Aid cabinets provide the ideal solution for the safe storage of medical equipment in a tidy, efficient and secure way.

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£ 204.04 Each

£244.85 (incl. VAT)

Available for Dispatch 15 working days from order

£ 537.65 Each

£645.18 (incl. VAT)

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£ 456.94 Each

£548.33 (incl. VAT)

Available for Dispatch 15 working days from order

£ 405.51 Each

£486.61 (incl. VAT)


Storage of dangerous chemicals and materials is vital for schools but there may also be occasions when those substances need moving between classrooms and storage areas. For the safe movement of goods around schools our range of general purpose trolleys provide a secure solution and are tough enough to stand up to the school environment. Equally, for the movement of heavy boxes of papers, books and other equipment, general purpose trolleys are the ideal solution to avoid back injuries and strains. Our range of trolleys is manufactured with tubular end framework and are available with a range of drawer and cabinet units for maximum flexibility. These trolleys are supplied with swivel castors as standard but can be ordered with braked castors as an optional extra.

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£ 438.75 Each

£526.50 (incl. VAT)

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£ 459.74 Each

£551.69 (incl. VAT)

£ 509.53 Each

£611.44 (incl. VAT)

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£ 428.04 Each

£513.65 (incl. VAT)


For vocational and trade-focused courses workbenches in schools and colleges take a hammering and need to last. Our range of medium and heavy-duty workbenches offer the ultimate flexibility in terms of size and worktop material, alongside delivering durability and value. Key features of the James Bedford range of workbenches include:
  • Flexibility: a wide range of sizes in our standard range or we can manufacture to your exact specification if required
  • Adaptability: a range of accessories to suit your needs including cabinet and drawer units, castors, back panels & shelves, light bars and electrical sockets
  • Durability: all our workbenches are manufactured from high quality medium or heavy-duty steel depending on your need
  • Personalisation: choice of any colour from our standard range to match your workspace and a range of worktops including hardwood veneer, MDF, industrial lino and ESD laminate