Hard working building and construction sites demand equipment that’s hard-wearing, practical and secure to ensure that workers can get on with their job quickly and competently. James Bedford have been supplying heavy duty storage & PPE cabinets to building sites and construction companies for over 40 years. We work with construction companies to provide secure storage equipment for sites during the build phase and for the supply of cabinets and kit for the final fit-out of their client’s premises.



Theft of tools and equipment from building sites is a constant worry for site managers, causing delays to building schedules and penalties from clients. Heavy duty secure storage cabinets can help prevent loss of equipment and act as a deterrent to any potential thieves. James Bedford heavy duty cabinets are welded from 1.2mm thick sheet steel with reinforced double or roller shutter doors to provide maximum security. The James Bedford range of cabinets deliver:
  • Peace of Mind – 1.2mm steel with doors secured by 3 way locking handles or heavy duty pin locks (roller shutter doors) to provide maximum security against break-in’s and also make it difficult to move a cabinet from its location
  • Flexibility – available in a range of sizes and colours, with different shelf, drawer and accessory combinations there’s a solution for your specific workspace and site to give you the most efficient solution
  • Value – built to withstand the toughest environments our cabinets will endure the harsh conditions of a building site keeping your kit protected as long as your team are working on the project

Available for Dispatch 15 working days from order

£ 513.47 Each

£616.16 (incl. VAT)

Available for Dispatch 15 working days from order

£ 445.79 Each

£534.95 (incl. VAT)

£ 1,256.57 Each

£1,507.88 (incl. VAT)

£ 1,109.39 Each

£1,331.27 (incl. VAT)

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The secure storage of tools, equipment and dangerous materials in a construction environment is vital to prevent accidents and minimise stock loss. We provide a range of hazardous, mobile and PPE cabinets available to order on-line to meet a wide variety of storage needs. Our standard range of hazardous and PPE cabinets:
    • Minimise Riskour hazardous storage cabinets clearly distinguish between the different contents stored within and safely separate dangerous materials (when stored appropriately). From flammable materials to those considered harmful to health (COSHH) our cabinets will quickly and easily help your teams identify what should be stored where– click here for the Hazardous Storage Range
    • Protect Equipment: our PPE cabinets keep your team’s clothing, equipment and tools safe overnight so there’s no delays to getting the job done.

Available for Dispatch 10 working days from order

£ 255.20 Each

£306.24 (incl. VAT)

Available for dispatch 10 working days from order

£ 353.11 Each

£423.73 (incl. VAT)

Available for Dispatch 15 working days from order

£ 428.14 Each

£513.77 (incl. VAT)

Available for Dispatch 15 working days from order

£ 519.84 Each

£623.81 (incl. VAT)

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Most of our standard cabinets can be ordered easily on line using a credit card or BACS payment – click here to view the full range