A wide range of businesses involved in the automotive supply chain rely on James Bedford storage and equipment to keep their workshops and dealerships running efficiently.

For dealerships involved in the preparation of new cars for delivery we have designed and installed entire workspace solutions that contain the specific cabinets, drawers and units to enable mechanics to have easy access to every tool and piece of equipment they need. We have incorporated a number of design features such as height specific air cabinets to minimise back injuries and bespoke worktops to ensure that customer needs are fully satisfied. You can read more about our bespoke installation for BMW here

Production sites, dealerships and after-care garages also require a range of storage solutions for hazardous or flammable materials and to securely store high value tools and equipment. James Bedford provides a standard range of cabinets that help garages minimise the risks from storing dangerous materials on site through high quality cabinets that last, delivering life long value.



Owners of garages and workshops have a duty to protect employees, customers and the surrounding area from any potential harm caused by the use and storage of flammable, irritant or dangerous materials. Items such as oils, fuel, lubricants, cleaning fluids and paints should be stored in a locked cabinet which offers protection and resistance in the event of fire or other crisis. Our range of hazardous storage cabinets deliver:
    • Safe, Secure Storage: our hazardous storage cabinets clearly distinguish between the different contents stored within and safely separate dangerous materials (when stored appropriately). With 3 way locking handles for secure storage and a fully removable sump tray to catch spills, our cabinets ensure that employees know what should be stored where to keep people safe.
    • Flexibility: available in a range of sizes, including mobile versions and vaults, our smaller cabinets fit into tight spaces of the smallest after-care workshop with the larger cabinets creating secure storage for larger plants and production sites.
    • Durability: our customers tell us that garages are noisy, busy, industrial workplaces, so we make our cabinets tough! Our products are of welded & riveted construction from 0.9mm steel with reinforced rebated doors meaning that they stand up to the harshest challenges and deliver lifelong value

Available for Dispatch 10 working days from order

£ 256.82 Each

£308.18 (incl. VAT)

Available for Dispatch 10 working days from order

£ 255.20 Each

£306.24 (incl. VAT)

Available for dispatch 10 working days from order

£ 257.71 Each

£309.25 (incl. VAT)

Available for dispatch 10 working days from order

£ 353.11 Each

£423.73 (incl. VAT)


Tools and equipment are vital to the on-going productivity of garages and workshops and any theft can lead to delays and loss of income. Heavy duty secure storage cabinets can help prevent loss of equipment and act as a deterrent to any potential thieves. James Bedford heavy duty cabinets are welded from 1.2mm thick sheet steel with reinforced double or roller shutter doors to provide maximum security. The James Bedford range of cabinets deliver:


  • Peace of Mind : 1.2mm steel with doors secured by 3 way locking handles or heavy duty pin locks (roller shutter doors) to provide maximum security against break-in’s and also make it difficult to move a cabinet from its location
  • Flexibility: available in a range of sizes and colours, with different shelf, drawer and accessory combinations there’s a solution for your specific workspace and site to give you the most efficient solution. There are also a range a accessories such as louvered panels with plastic storage bins to help store nuts, bolts and screws in an organised and secure way.
  • Value: built to withstand the toughest environments our cabinets will endure the harsh conditions of garages and workshops keeping your kit protected and ready for action when you are

Available for Dispatch 15 working days from order

£ 297.52 Each

£357.02 (incl. VAT)

£ 1,228.43 Each

£1,474.12 (incl. VAT)

£ 1,256.57 Each

£1,507.88 (incl. VAT)

£ 1,109.39 Each

£1,331.27 (incl. VAT)


Flexible, strong and adaptable workbenches are useful for garages and workspaces for tasks that need completing outside of the vehicle itself. Our range of workbenches deliver:
    • Flexibility: a wide range of sizes in our standard range or we can manufacture to your exact specification if required
    • Adaptability: a range of accessories to suit your needs including cabinet and drawer units, castors, back panels & shelves, light bars and electrical sockets
    • Durability: all our workbenches are manufactured from high quality medium or heavy-duty steel depending on your need
    • Personalisation: choice of any colour from our standard range to match your workspace and a range of worktops including hardwood veneer, MDF, industrial lino and ESD laminate


    Our workbenches are available to order via sales@jbedford.co.uk and can be viewed here