In addition to standard powder we have developed an anti-bacterial coating with active silver ions that penetrates bacterial cell walls and prevents growth. PremierShield is available with all our standard colours and helps a range of environments including schools, hospitals, laboratories, and any workplace protect against a range of bacteria and germs.

Our extensive range of high quality hazardous storage products are fully compliant with all current regulations, helping to create safe and secure workspaces for those working with hazardous materials or substances which are harmful to health. These products are available in a range of different sizes to suit a variety of needs with mobile options available to offer a solution for those businesses which need to take a more flexible approach to hazardous material storage. All products are supplied with appropriate hazard warning labels.

Our full range of Hazardous Storage products are shown below and can be ordered on line. However, should your needs not be catered for within our standard range please click here and complete the quote request form and we can create equipment for your specific requirements.